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AppendixBPage8 Bradley

Patten, William (Sam) Jr. Peskov, Dmitry

Phares, Walid

Pinedo, Richard

Podesta, John Jr.

AppendixBPage13 persons. George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis, and Walid Phares attended the TAG summit in July 2016.[[Main Intelligence Directorate of the General
Volume1Page90 Papadopoulos communicated

with Clovis and Walid Phares, another member of the foreign policy advisory team, about an off

Volume1Page91 IV|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

directly with Clovis and Phares in connection with the summit of the [[Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counterterrorism|Transatlantic
Volume1Page92 2016 meetings in London with representatives of the "office of Putin," and suggest that Phares, Clovis, and Papadopoulos ("Walid/Sam me")
Volume1Page99 consideration, Page emailed Clovis, J.D. Gordon, and Walid Phares and suggested that candidate Trump take his place speaking at the commencement
Volume1Page148 1-2; Nader 1/23/18 302, at 2-3; 5/3/16 Email, Nader to Phares; . .

994 Nader 1/22/18 302, at 1-2.

995 Nader