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U.S. Department of Justice

According to A ven, the official showed no emotion in response to this report and did not appear to care.1I94

6. Carter Page Contact with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich

In December 2016, more than two months after he was removed from the Trump Campaign, former Campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Pa e a ain visited Moscow in an attem t to ursue business o ortunities. II95

According to Konstantin Kilimnik, Paul Manafort' s associate, Page also gave some individuals in Russia the impression that he had maintained his connections to President-Elect Trump. In a December 8, 2016 email intended for Manafort, Kilimnik wrote, "Carter Page is in Moscow today, sending messages he is authorized to talk to Russia on behalf of DT on a range of issues of mutual interest, including Ukraine." 1197

On December 9, 2016, Page went to dinner withNES employees Shlomo Weber and Andrej Krickovic. I 198 Weber had contacted Dvorkovich to let him know that Page was in town and to invite him to stop by the dinner if he wished to do so, and Dvorkovich came to the restaurant for a few minutes to meet with Page. 1I99 Dvorkovich congratulated Page on Trump's election and expressed interest in starting a dialogue between the United States and Russia. 1200 Dvorkovich asked Page if he could facilitate connecting Dvorkovich with individuals involved in the transition to be in a discussion of future coo eration. 1201

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other meetings, Page contacted Andrey Baranov, head of investor relations at Rosneft, ~ the sale of Rosneft and meetings Baranov had attended with Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin. - - - -

1197 Investigative Technique

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