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U.S. Department of Justice

and assessed Trump' s prospects for Gates to send Kilimnik internal data,

The Office also obtained contemporaneous emails that shed light on the purpose of the communications with Deripaska and that are consistent with Gates' s account. For example, in response to a July 7, 20 I 6, email from a Ukrainian reporter about Manafort' s failed Deripaska backed investment, Manafort asked Kilimnik whether there had been any movement on "this issue with our friend."897 Gates stated that "our friend" likely referred to Deripaska,898 and Manafort told the Office that the "issue" (and "our biggest interest," as stated below) was a solution to the Deripaska-Pericles issue. 899 Kilimnik replied:

I am carefully optimistic on the question of our biggest interest.

Our friend [Boyarkin] said there is lately significantly more attention to the campaign in his boss' [Deripaska' s] mind, and he will be most likely looking for ways to reach out to you pretty soon, understanding all the time sensitivity. I am more than sure that it will be resolved and we will get back to the original relationship with V. 's boss [Deripaska].900

Eight minutes later, Manafort replied that Kilimnik should tell Boyarkin's " boss," a reference to Deripaska, "that if he needs private briefings we can accommodate."901 Manafort has alleged to the Office that he was willing to brief Deripaska only on public campaign matters and gave an example: why Trump selected Mike Pence as the Vice-Presidential running mate.902 Manafort said he never gave Deripaska a briefing.903 Manafort noted that if Trump won, Deripaska would want to use Manafort to advance whatever interests Deripaska had in the United States and elsewhere.904

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