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U.S. Department of Justice

in both the United States and Russia,727

728 According to Akhmetshin, Trump Jr. asked follow-up questions about how the alleged payments could be tied specifically to the Clinton Campaign, but Veselnitskaya indicated that she could not trace the money once it entered the United States.729 Kaveladze similarly recalled that Trump Jr. asked what they have on Clinton, and Kushner became aggravated and asked "[w]hat are we doing here?"730

Akhmetshin then spoke about U.S. sanctions imposed under the Magnitsky Act and Russia's response prohibiting U.S. adoption of Russian children.731 Several participants recalled that Trump Jr. commented that Trump is a private citizen, and there was nothing they could do at that time.732 Trump Jr. also said that they could revisit the issue if and when they were in government.733 Notes that Manafort took on his phone reflect the general flow of the conversation, although not all of its details.734

At some point in the meeting, Kushner sent an iMessage to Manafort stating "waste of time," followed immediately by two separate emails to assistants at Kushner Companies with requests that

732 E.g., Akhmetshin 11/14/ l 7 302, at 12-13; 733 Akhmetshin 11/14/17 302, at 12-13;

Samochornov 7/13/17 302, at 3. Trump Jr. confirmed this in a statement he made in July 2017 after news of the June Interview of Donald J Trump, Jr., Senate Judiciary Committee US. Senate 20 16 meeting broke. Washington DC, 115th Cong. 57 (Sept. 7, 2017).

734 Manafort's notes state:

Bill browder Offshore - Cyprus 133m shares Companies Not invest - loan Value in Cyprus as inter Illici Active sponsors ofRNC Browder hired Joanna Glover Tied into Cheney Russian adoption by American families

PJM-SJC-00000001-02 (Notes Produced to Senate Judiciary Committee).


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