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Volume1Page80 personally or [to] someone [the candidate] absolutely trusts"-to

policy advisor Stephen Miller.390

No communications or other evidence obtained by the Office
Volume1Page89 about the emails, Papadopoulos wrote

to senior policy advisor Stephen Miller that "[t]he Russian government has an open invitation by

Putin for Mr.
Volume1Page93 stated, with varying degrees of certainty, that he

did not tell them. Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, for example, did not remember hearing

anything from Papadopoulos
Volume1Page105 Kushner put Simes in contact with senior policy advisor Stephen Miller and forwarded to Simes an outline of the foreign-policy
Volume1Page109 Kushner|Kushner]]

forwarded the email to senior Trump Campaign officials Stephen Miller, Paul Manafort, and Rick

Volume2Page21 she made that statement, she

spoke with Campaign advisors Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Jason Miller, and probably Kushner

and [[Stephen
Volume2Page54 assessment briefing.321 McGahn, Donaldson, and senior advisor Stephen Miller recalled that the President was upset with Corney's
Volume2Page64 advisors and family members, including Jared Kushner and senior advisor Stephen Miller, the President stated that he wanted to remove Corney
Volume2Page71 same day the President dictated ideas for the Corney termination letter to Stephen Miller. SCR08_001274 (5/10/17 Email, Ciaramella to Kelly et
Volume2Page75 Trump|President]] told

advisors he had decided to fire Corney and dictated a letter to Stephen Miller that began with a

reference to the fact that the President