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AppendixBPage1 and individuals affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Aven, Petr

Bannon, Stephen (Steve)

Baranov, Andrey


()LTG) Michael Flynn, K.T. McFarland, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner,

[[Erik Prince|Erik
AppendixCPage10 purpose of the meeting(s).

h. Prior to January 20, 2017, did you talk to Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, or any

oth er individual associated with the transition
Volume1Page7 the Trump Campaign and an

associate of senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon. Dmitriev and Prince later met face-to-face in

January 2017 in
Volume1Page63 with the Trump Campaign, including Flynn, Clovis, Bannon,

271 12/3/15 Email, Smith to Szobocsan & Safron.

272 Szobocsan 3/29/18

& News (Sept. 23, 2016); see also 9/25/16 Email, Hicks to Conway & Bannon (instructing that inquiries about

Page should be answered with "[h]e was announced as
Volume1Page141 told Gates that he still spoke with Kushner, Bannon, and candidate Trump,935 and some of those post-resignation contacts are documented

Trump Campaign supporter and an associate of Steve Bannon.989 In addition, the UAE national

security advisor introduced Dmitriev to a hedge fund
Volume1Page148 associated

with the Trump Campaign, including Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., and Roger Stone.1005

Volume1Page149 on issues such as foreign policy, trade, and Russian

election interference to Bannon. 1006

After the election, Prince frequently visited transition offices
Volume1Page152 Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin, and others while waiting to see Bannon. 1046 Cell-site location data for Prince's mobile phone indicates
Volume1Page153 1054 Nader wrote to Dmitriev, "This guy [Prince] is designate·d by Steve [Bannon] to meet you! I know him and he is very very well connected and trusted by the New Team. His
Volume1Page154 the 2016 election did not come up.

Prince added that he would inform Bannon about his meeting with Dmitriev, and that if there was

interest in continuin the discussion,
Volume1Page155 after the second meeting, Prince sent two text messages to Bannon from the Seychelles.1082 As described further below, investigators were unable to
Volume1Page156 Justice

and Prince told the Office that he likely showed that image to Bannon. 1088 Prince also believed he

provided Bannon with