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Goldstone, Robert

Gordon, Jeffrey (J.D.)

Gorkov, Sergey

Graff, Rhona

Deputy Director of National Intelligence for
AppendixCPage10 Were you told about a meeting between Jared Kushner and Sergei Gorkov that

took place in December 2016?


If yes, describe who you spoke with,
Volume1Page161 quickly rejected that idea. 1145

4. Jared Kushner's Meeting with Sergey Gorkov

On December 6, 2016, the Russian Embassy reached out to Kushner's
Volume1Page162 and that no one on the Transition Team even did a Google search for

Gorkov's name. 1155

At the start of the meeting, Gorkov presented [[Jared
Volume1Page163 not resolve the apparent conflict in the accounts of Kushner and Gorkov or determine whether the meeting was diplomatic in nature (as Kushner
Volume1Page-2 159

4. Jared Kushner' s Meeting with Sergey Gorkov ................................................... 161

5. Petr A ven' s Outreach