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U.S. Depa11ment of Justice

Smith, Peter

Spicer, Sean

Stone, Roger

Tillerson, Rex

Volume1Page171 Trump|President]]-Elect Trump. Bannon, Priebus, Sean Spicer, and other Transition Team members were present. 1252 During the briefing, [[Donald
Volume2Page23 would think Russia helped him win, taking

away from what he had accomplished.74 Sean Spicer, the first White House communications

director, recalled that the [[Donald
Volume2Page29 to Vice President-Elect Michael Pence and to incoming press secretary Sean Spicer. 132 In subsequent media interviews in mid-January, Pence, Priebus,
Volume2Page30 Page Number=242|Chapter=Chapter II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

Spicer denied that Flynn and Kislyak had discussed sanctions, basing
Volume2Page31 s statements to the FBI were

similar to the statements he had made to Pence and Spicer denying that he had discussed

sanctions.147 McGahn came away
Volume2Page35 Who would

ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath?"). In a private conversation with Spicer, the President stated

that he had never asked for Corney's loyalty,
Volume2Page38 President had determined that the issue

with Flynn was one of trust.213 Spicer told the press the next day that Flynn was forced to resign

"not based on a legal issue,
Volume2Page39 Flynn called Kushner,

who was at the lunch, and complained about what Spicer had said about Flynn in his press briefing that

day. Kushner
Volume2Page41 for the record of James B.

Corney, former Director of the FBI, at 6).

244 See, e.g., Sean Spicer, White House Daily Briefing, C-SPAN (Feb. 14, 2017) (questions from

the press
Volume2Page69 President's letter was finalized, Priebus summoned Spicer and the press team to the Oval Office, where they were told that Corney had been terminated
Volume2Page70 s termination.465

In an unplanned press conference late in the evening of May 9, 2017, Spicer told reporters,

"It was all [Rosenstein]. No one from the White House.
Volume2Page71 (May 19, 2017).

470 SCR08 _ 002 l I 7 (5/19/17 Email, Walters to Farhi (CBS News)); see Spicer I 0/ 16/ 17 302, at 13

(noting he would have been told to "clean it up" if the repo1ting
Volume2Page83 Faulders & Veronica Stracqualursi, Trump friend Chris Ruddy says Spicer's 'bizarre' statement doesn't deny claim Trump seeking Mueller firing, ABC (June 13,