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Events involving Sarah Huckabee Sanders[edit]

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AppendixBPage9 Christopher

Rybicki, James Samochornov, Anatoli

Sanders, Sarah Huckabee

Sater, Felix

Volume1Page27 included @MissouriNewsUS (an account with 3,800 followers

that posted pro-Sanders and anti-Clinton material).

68 See @march_for_trump, 5/30/16 Tweet (first post from
Volume1Page104 "Honorary Chairman of the Board"); Boyd 1/24/1 8 302,

at 2; P. Sanders 2/15/18 302, at 5.

602 Simes 3/8/18 302, at 5-6; Simes
Volume2Page35 Demanded Loyalty. Corney

Demurred., New York Times (May 11 , 2017) (quoting Sarah Sanders as saying, "[The President] would

never even suggest the expectation of
Volume2Page70 Spicer|Spicer]] 10/16/17 302, at 11; Hicks 12/8/17, at 18; Sanders 7/3/18 302, at 2.

456 Christie 2/13/ I 9 302, at 6.

457 [[Chris
Volume2Page71 should visit FBI headquarters and make a speech to

467 See, e.g., Sarah Sanders, White House Daily Briefing, C-SPAN (May 10, 2017);



In the afternoon of May 10, 2017, deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders spoke to the

President about his decision to fire
Volume2Page76 letter also stated that morale in the FBI was at an all-time low and Sanders told the press after Corney's termination that the White House had heard from "countless"
Volume2Page83 that the President was upset with him.554 On June 13, 2017, Sanders asked the President for guidance on how to respond to press
Volume2Page90 existed, and the President dictated a press statement to Sanders saying he had no intention of firing the Special Counsel. But the next day,
Volume2Page105 the President on the issue, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the media that the President "certainly didn't dictate"
Volume2Page115 Hicks recalled that the President asked Sanders to contact McGahn about the story.789 McGahn
Volume2Page119 Trump|President]]'s request. The President then directed Sanders to tell McGahn to correct the story, but McGahn
Volume2Page125 by the press.866 When asked about the President's tweets, Sanders told the press, "Certainly, the President's been clear. He thinks
Volume2Page147 on the President

pardoning Michael Cohen," Sanders said, "It's hard to close the door on something that hasn't taken place.

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