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AppendixBPage2 Governor of New Jersey.

Director of National Intelligence (Aug. 2010 - Jan. 2017).

Clovis, Samuel Jr.

Chief policy advisor and national co-chair of the [[Trump Campaign|Trump
AppendixBPage13 lawmakers and U.S. persons. George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis, and Walid Phares attended the TAG summit in July 2016.[[Main Intelligence
Volume1Page63 private email server" to an undisclosed list ofrecipients, including Campaign

co-chairman Sam Clovis. The email stated that Smith was " u]ust finishing two days of sensitive

meetings here in DC
Volume1Page64 established that Smith communicated with at least Flynn and Clovis about his search for the deleted Clinton emails,281 but the Office did not identify
Volume1Page82 Glassner to introduce Papadopoulos to Sam Clovis, the Trump Campaign's national co chair and chief policy advisor
Volume1Page85 of Justice

Papadopoulos's message came at a time when Clovis perceived a shift in the Campaign' s approach

toward Russia-from

forwarded the same Timofeev email to Sam Clovis, adding to the top of the email "Russia

update."470 He included the same email
Volume1Page90 Lewandowski|Lewandowski]] told Papadopoulos to "connect with" Clovis because he was "running point," Papadopoulos emailed [[Samuel
Volume1Page91 Page Number=99|Chapter=Chapter IV|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

directly with Clovis and Phares in connection with the summit of the [[Transatlantic Parliamentary
Volume1Page92 with representatives of the "office of Putin," and suggest that Phares, Clovis, and Papadopoulos ("Walid/Sam me") would attend without the official
Volume1Page93 Campaign]] and wavered about whether he accurately remembered an incident in which Clovis had been upset after hearing Papadopoulos tell Clovis
Volume1Page94 shmtly after

Papadopoulos had attended the TAG Summit with Clovis.500 Millian, an American citizen who is

a native of Belarus, introduced
Volume1Page98 Dakota, to watch the candidate deliver the speech.548 Chief policy advisor Sam Clovis expressed appreciation for Page's work and praised his work to other Campaign officials.549
Volume1Page99 556 On May 16, 2016, while that request was still under consideration, Page emailed Clovis, J.D. Gordon, and Walid Phares and suggested that
Volume1Page101 Presidential Administration here. " 577

On July 9, 2016, Page emailed Clovis, writing in pertinent part:

Russian Deputy Prime minister and[[New Economic School