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Events involving Rosneft[edit]

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Mentions of Rosneft[edit]

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AppendixBPage1 Campaign]].

Director of investor relations at Russian state-owned oil company, Rosneft, and associate of Carter Page.

Assistant to [[Jared Kushner|Jared
AppendixBPage9 logistics of candidate Trump's April 2016 foreign policy

speech. Executive chairman of Rosneft, a Russian-stated owned oil company.

Attorney General (Feb. 2017 - Nov. 2018);
AppendixBPage12 Holdings Ltd.|Prevezon Holdings Ltd.]]

Roscongress Foundation Rosneft Russian Direct Investment Fund

Fictitious online
Volume1Page100 a former Gazprom employee who had

become the head of investor relations at Rosneft, a Russian energy company. 572 Page stated that

he and Baranov
Volume1Page101 IV|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

the possibility of a sale of a stake in Rosneft in passing.574 Page recalled mentioning his

involvement in the [[Trump Campaign|Trump
Volume1Page166 meetings, Page contacted Andrey Baranov, head of investor relations at Rosneft, ~ the sale of Rosneft and meetings Baranov had attended