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Events involving Roscongress Foundation[edit]

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Mentions of Roscongress Foundation[edit]

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AppendixBPage6 between Vladimir Putin and

candidate Trump. Advisor to Vladimir Putin and member of the Roscongress Foundation the St. Petersburg International who

Economic Forum.
AppendixBPage12 Partners LLP|Market Partners LLP]]

Prevezon Holdings Ltd.

Roscongress Foundation Rosneft

[[Russian Direct Investment Fund|Russian
AppendixCPage22 who identified himself as Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Foundation Roscongress, inviting me to participate in the [[St. Petersburg International
Volume1Page78 forwarded Cohen an invitation to the Forum signed by the Director of the Roscongress Foundation, the Russian entity organizing the Forum. 371 [[Felix
Volume1Page79 Kobyakov|Anton Kobyakov]], a Russian

presidential aide involved with the Roscongress Foundation, to see if Trump could speak at the

Forum.385 [[Robert
Volume1Page80 his March 31, 2016 email was anything other than Kobyakov's invitation to Roscongress. According to Foresman, the "concrete things"