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Events involving Rachel Brand[edit]

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AppendixBPage2 Oleg Deripaska.

Boyd, Charles

Boyko, Yuriy

Brand, Rachel

Browder, William (Bill)

AppendixBPage13 held investment company that entered into a licensing

agreement to build a Trump-branded hotel in Georgia.

Annual event held in Russia and attended by prominent Russian
Volume1Page67 explored a similar licensing deal

in Russia involving the construction of a Trump-branded property in Moscow. The project,

commonly referred to as a "Trump Tower Moscow"
Volume1Page68 In

August 2014, the Trump Organization requested specifications for a competing Marriott-branded tower being built in Crocus City.301

Beginning in September 2014, the Trump Organization
Volume1Page69 pursue a Trump Tower Moscow project in which l.C. Expert would

license the name and brand from the Trump Organization but construct the building on its own.

Volume1Page70 Group]] and the Trump Organization entered into a licensing agreement to build a Trump-branded property in Batumi, Georgia. Rtskhiladze was also involved in
Volume1Page71 Department of Justice

enter into a mutually acceptable agreement" related to the Trump-branded project in Moscow. 320

The LOI contemplated a development with residential, hotel, commercial,
Volume1Page72 suggested that his campaign would be a significant "infomercial" for Trump-branded

prope1ties. 329

ii. Post-LOI Contacts with Individuals in Russia

Given the size
Volume1Page195 June 2016, Cohen was involved in a project to build a

Trump-branded tower and adjoining development in Moscow. The project was known as Trump

Tower Moscow.
Volume2Page96 expected that Rosenstein and Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand would also resign and the President would be unable to get anyone
Volume2Page107 Secretary Rob Porter what he thought of Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand.739 Porter recalled that the President asked
Volume2Page108 Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

to be Attorney General one day.741 Because Pmter knew Brand, the President asked him to sound

her out about taking responsibility
Volume2Page135 to have a Russian corporation build a tower in Moscow that licensed the Trump name and brand.911 Cohen thereafter had numerous brief conversations with Trump about