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Events involving Peter Smith[edit]

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U.S. Depa11ment of Justice

Smith, Peter

Spicer, Sean

Stone, Roger

AppendixBPage12 election.

Business established by an associate of and at the direction of Peter

Smith to further Smith's search for Hillary Clinton
Volume1Page62 people in an effort to obtain the emails.265

Barbara Ledeen and Peter Smith were among the people contacted by Flynn. Ledeen, a

long-time Senate staffer who
Volume1Page63 of Justice

wrote, "we can discuss to whom it should be referred."271 On December 16, 2015, Smith informed

Ledeen that he declined to participate in her "initiative." According to one of Smith's
Volume1Page64 of Justice

and Kellyanne Conway.280 The investigation established that Smith communicated with at least

Flynn and Clovis about his search for the
Volume1Page65 "November 1st." No

emails obtained from Clinton's server were subsequently released.

Smith drafted multiple emails stating or intimating that he was in contact with Russian
Volume1Page123 Gordon|Gordon]] 8/29/17 302, at 9; Sessions 1/17/18 302, at 22; Allan Smith, We Now Know More About why Jeff Sessions and a Russian Ambassador Crossed
Volume1Page191 a false statement; and the false statement was material. See, e.g., United

States v. Smith, 831 F.3d 1207, 1222 n.27 (9th Cir. 2017) (listing elements); see also Ninth Circuit