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Events involving Opposition Bloc[edit]

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Mentions of Opposition Bloc[edit]

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AppendixBPage2 tank with operations in and connections to Russia.

Member of the Ukrainian political party Opposition Bloc and member of the Ukrainian parliament.

Associate Attorney General
AppendixBPage6 Kislyak]].

Member of Ukrainian parliament and member of Ukrainian political party, Opposition Bloc Party.

Russian tax specialist who alleged Russian government
AppendixBPage12 Staff]] (GRU)

New Economic School in Moscow (NES) Opposition Bloc

Party of Regions

[[Pericles Emerging|Pericles
Volume1Page135 and Boris

Kolesnikov,879 the last three being Ukrainian oligarchs who were senior Opposition Bloc

officials. 880 The memoranda described Manafort'
Volume1Page138 back to individuals in Ukraine and

elsewhere.909 Manafort stated that Opposition Bloc members recognized Manafort' s position on

Volume1Page141 work in the region. Those consisted

of the unresolved Deripaska lawsuit and the funds that the Opposition Bloc owed to Manafort for

his political consulting work