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Events involving Michael Rogers[edit]

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AppendixBPage6 Agency (Jan.2014-Apr. 2017);

present when President Trump called Michael Rogers on March 26, 2017.

Campaign manager for the Trump Campaign
AppendixBPage9 Prince|Prince]], Erik

Raffel, Josh

Rasin, Alexei

Rogers, Michael

Rosenstein, Rod

Rozov, Andrei

Volume2Page56 Coats, the President called NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers.347 The President expressed frustration with the Russia
Volume2Page57 II|Page Text=

U.S . Department of Justice

investigation itself.353 Rogers later testified in a congressional hearing that as NSA Director he

had "never been
Volume2Page60 and the requests he made to

Coats, Pompeo, Rogers, and Corney, the following evidence is relevant to the elements of

Volume2Page61 Trump|President]] told Coats he "can't do anything with Russia," he told Rogers that "the thing with the Russians" was interfering with his ability to conduct foreign
Volume2Page76 to address foreign relations issues.

The President complained to Rogers that "the thing with the Russians [ was] messing up" his ability

to get things done
Volume2Page82 of the

interviews. On June 12, 2017, the Special Counsel's Office interviewed Admiral Rogers in the presence of

agency counsel. Rogers 6/12/17 302, at I . On
Volume2Page84 was interviewing intelligence community leaders, including Coats and Rogers, about what the President had asked them to do in response to
Volume2Page89 his request that Corney "let[] Flynn go"; his outreach to Coats and Rogers; and his termination of Corney and statement to the Russian Foreign Minister that the
Volume2Page127 News (Aug. 23, 2018) (recorded

the previous day).


882 Maggie Haberman & Katie Rogers, "How Did We End Up Here?" Trump Wonders as the White

House Soldiers On, New York Times