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AppendixBPage8 Victor

Poliakova, Elena

Polonskaya, Olga

Pompeo, Michael

Porter, Robert

Priebus, Reince
Volume2Page23 Bannon|Bannon]] 2/14/18

302, at 2; Gates 4/ 18/ I 8 302, at 3; see Pompeo 6/28/17 302, at 2 (the President believed that the purpose of

the Russia
Volume2Page24 to the President for National Security Affairs and US. Rep. Mike Pompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, President-Elect Donald
Volume2Page55 asked Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and CIA Director Michael Pompeo to stay behind in the Oval Office after a Presidential
Volume2Page57 to do so."354

In addition to the specific comments made to Coats, Pompeo, and Rogers, the President

spoke on other occasions
Volume2Page60 Sessions|Sessions]]'s recusal and the requests he made to Coats, Pompeo, Rogers, and Corney, the following evidence is relevant to