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Events involving Michael Flynn[edit]

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Mentions of Michael Flynn[edit]

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AppendixDPage1 the Special Counsel to investigate, among other

things, possible criminal conduct by Michael Flynn in acting as an unregistered agent for the

Government of Turkey.
AppendixBPage4 polling after the election.

Fishbein, Jason

Flynn, Michael G. (a/k/a Michael Flynn Jr.) Flynn, Michael T.

Attorney who performed worked for [[Julian
AppendixBPage6 permanent representative

of Russia to the United Nations. Senate staffer and associate of Michael Flynn who sought to obtain

Hillary Clinton emails

December 2016 ()"Russia sanctions"), did you discuss with Lieutenant General

()LTG) Michael Flynn, K.T. McFarland, Steve Bannon,
Volume1Page7 on Russia for having

interfered in the election. Incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn called Russian

Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and
Volume1Page9 as violations of the federal false

statements statute. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about

his interactions with Russian Ambassador
Volume1Page12 as an unregistered agent of the Israeli

government; and four sets of allegations involving Michael Flynn, the former National Security

Advisor to President Trump.
Volume1Page28 Michael McFaul,72 Roger Stone,73 Sean Hannity,74 and Michael Flynn Jr.,75 retweetcd or responded to tweets posted to these[[Internet
Volume1Page62 Trump asked individuals affiliated with his Campaign to find the

deleted Clinton emails.264 Michael Flynn-who would later serve as National Security Advisor in the Trump Administration-

Volume1Page145 the presence of Transition Team members, including incoming National

Security Advisor Michael Flynn.975

964 Hicks 12/8/17 302, at 3.

965 Hicks
Volume1Page149 at Trump Tower, primarily to meet with Bannon but on occasion to meet Michael Flynn and others. 1007 Prince and Bannon
Volume1Page157 by the

Senate. 1103 Gerson said he would ask Kushner and Michael Flynn who the "key person or people"

were on the topics of reconciliation with
Volume1Page159 Ambassador Kislyak's Meeting with Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn m

Trump Tower Following the Election

On November 16, 2016, [[Catherine
Volume1Page160 at the end of an early December 2016 meeting with incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his designated deputy (K.T. McFarland) in New
Volume1Page167 Justice

7. Contacts With and Through Michael T. Flynn

Incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was the Transition Team' s primary

conduit for communications with the