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Events involving Michael Cohen[edit]

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Mentions of Michael Cohen[edit]

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AppendixBPage2 Trump Campaign.

Coats, Dan


Cohen, Michael

Director of National Intelligence.

Special Counsel to the President
AppendixDPage4 Department of Justice

alphabetically by subject, are summarized below.

2. Michael Cohen

During the course of the investigation, the Special Counsel's Office uncovered
AppendixBPage5 deputy prime

minister, and former FSB deputy director. In January 2016, Michael Cohen emailed the Kremlin requesting to speak to Ivanov.

AppendixBPage6 Energy System

and former aide to Russia's minister of energy. He communicated with Michael Cohen about a possible meeting between Vladimir Putin and

candidate Trump.
AppendixCPage7 letter of intent?


In a statement provided to Congress, attached as Exhibit C, Michael Cohen stated:

"To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Trump was never in contact with anyone
AppendixBPage8 of Russia.

Personal assistant to Dmitry Peskov who responded to Michael Cohen's outreach about the Trump Tower Moscow project in January 20 16.

Russian national
AppendixBPage9 Silk Road Transatlantic A lliance, LLC who

communicated with Cohen about a Trump Tower Moscow proposal.

Chief executive of Newsmax Media and associate of
AppendixCPage19 of intent?




In a statement provided to Congress, attached as Exhibit C, Michael Cohen stated: "To the

best of my knowledge, Mr. Trump was never in contact with
AppendixCPage20 or arrangements.

Response to Question III, Parts (a) through (g)

Sometime in 2015, Michael Cohen suggested to me the possibility of a Trump Organization project

in Moscow. As
Volume1Page5 Trump Tower Moscow by November 2015, and in January 2016 Trump Organization

executive Michael Cohen emailed and spoke about the project with the office of Russian

Volume1Page9 Clinton .in the form of

thousands of emails. Former Trump Organization attorney Michael Cohen to makin false statements to Con ress about the Trum Moscow ro · ect.

Volume1Page12 the Special Counsel was authorized to investigate "the pertinent activities

of Michael Cohen, Richard Gates,

I" "Confirmation of the authorization to
Volume1Page49 Assange|Assange]] interview by Megyn Kelly).

182 M. Raju & Z. Cohen, A GOP Congressman's Lonely Quest Defending Julian Assange, CNN

Volume1Page53 Page Number=61|Chapter=Chapter III|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

Michael Cohen, former executive vice president of the Trump Organization and
Volume1Page67 several Russian

counterparties. From the fall of 2015 until the middle of 2016, Michael Cohen spearheaded the

Trump Organization's pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow project,