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Donald Trump Trump Campaign Paul Manafort Jeff Sessions Donald McGahn Michael Cohen Hillary Clinton Jared Kushner Sergey Kislyak Wikileaks Reince Priebus Donald Trump Jr Harm to ongoing matter Robert Porter Stephen Bannon George Papadopoulos Democratic National Committee Internet Research Agency (IRA) Richard Gates Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) Hope Hicks Emin Agalarov Rod Rosenstein Michael Flynn Jody Hunt Kathleen McFarland Konstantin Kilimnik Corey Lewandowski Robert Goldstone Barack Obama Carter Page Kremlin John Podesta Felix Sater Julian Assange Erik Prince Natalia Veselnitskaya James Comey Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Andrew McCabe Guccifer 2.0 DCLeaks Dmitry Peskov Jeffrey Gordon Roger Stone John Kelly Samuel Clovis Joseph Mifsud Sergei Magnitsky Aras Agalarov Sarah Huckabee Sanders George Nader Petr Aven Viktor Netyksho Dimitri Simes Sean Spicer Center for the National Interest (CNI) Rachel Brand Dan Coats Irakli Kaveladze Michael Rogers Crocus Group or Crocus International Dana Boente Viktor Yanukovych Ivan Timofeev New Economic School in Moscow (NES) Ivanka Trump Rhona Graff Stephen Miller Concord William Patten Unit 26165 (GRU) Richard Gerson Chris Christie Richard Burt Yevgeniy Prigozhin Sally Yates Russian Direct Investment Fund Peter Smith Anatoli Samochornov Giorgi Rtskhiladze Catherine Vargas Prevezon Holdings Ltd. Paul Saunders Walid Phares Party of Regions Alfa-Bank Rosneft Opposition Bloc Robert Foresman Sergey Gorkov Roscongress Foundation James Burnham Olga Polonskaya Michael Pompeo Sandra Luff Edward Gistaro IC Expert Investment Company Unit 74455 (GRU) Dmitry Klokov



Reindexed all pages. Tag-clouds are possible, see above! More visualizations coming soon.

4/22/19 - Appendices are uploaded

Next up:

  • Better categorization hierarchy for the pages Category:Report_Pages
  • Subsection categorization of pages
  • Fixing next/prev links between pages that bridge chapters -- Done!
  • Fully populated 'mentions' for all entities.

4/20/19 - Report is uploaded: People-indices are created

More to come soon: Volume 2, and pages for all persons and organizations mentioned in the report.

4/19/19 - We're Live!

We're turning the Mueller Report into a richly annotated human-powered dataset.

Help us make The Report findings accessible and meaningful to everyone.

It's time to honor the hard work of Mueller and his team with a bit of our own.

How can you help?

Add to our wiki by connecting numbered pages in both volumes with the events, people, and concepts they mention! Add background and commentary to pages that already exist. Anything in or related to the report is fair game. uses forms to build pages and keep our dataset well formed: If you've never edited a Wiki before, no problem. It's easy and fun! is built out of these four page types:

Page Type What is it? Example How to get started making one:
Mueller Report Page It represents an actual numbered page from The Report. Volume1Page1 Actually, we've got all the pages now!
Entity A person, organization, place... most of the nouns in the report, and things like concepts too! Rod Rosenstein Existing entities are here:Category:Entities

To make one: Click here!

Event Something that happened in The Report at a particular time. Robert Mueller is appointed as Special Counsel Click here!

We'll have timelines backed by our dataset and other visualizations to better understand the report and track progress as soon as we can: We're just getting started, so lots more to come!

Editing tips / FAQ

  • Use the forms!
    • Forms are how you should create pages.
    • You can edit an existing page with a form: Just look for the 'Edit with form' tab, next to the 'Edit' tab.
    • If you edit a page directly, only edit the background section and leave any template calls in place. {{Template|Calls|Look|Like|This}}
  • Our forms automatically create database entries as they create your pages.
    • When you create a mention, it will automatically show up on the wiki page that it's from, and the wiki pages for any entities or events that it mentions.
    • If you don't see your changes show up on related pages, try clicking 'Purge Cache' from the 'More' drop-down in the tabs by the search box. Otherwise, take another look and make sure that the mentioned entities, events, etc on the page you created are really mentioning other pages *exactly* correctly.
  • Have fun!

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Recently Added Mentions

Snippet Mentioned People and Events Report Page
Also on January 26, 2017 ... Hope Hicks Don McGahn Sarah Huckabee Sanders Volume2Page115
AppendixAPage-1 ... {PAGENAME}
AppendixAPage0 ... {PAGENAME}
AppendixAPage1 ... Donald Trump Trump Campaign {PAGENAME}
AppendixAPage2 ... {PAGENAME}
AppendixBPage-1 ... {PAGENAME}
AppendixBPage0 ... {PAGENAME}
AppendixBPage10 ... Roger Stone Trump Campaign Richard Gates Sean Spicer Alexander Van der Zwaan Shlomo Weber Internet Research Agency (IRA) Yuri Viktorovich Ushakov Rex Tillerson Natalia Veselnitskaya Sergei Magnitsky Ivan Timofeev Donald Trump Gieb Vasilchenko Anton Vaino Russian International Affairs Council Viktor Yanukovych New Economic School in Moscow (NES) Paul Manafort Carter Page Peter Smith Eric Trump Hillary Clinton Jared Kushner Catherine Vargas George Papadopoulos Valdai Discussion Club {PAGENAME}
AppendixBPage11 ... Sergey Kislyak Democratic National Committee Duma Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) DCLeaks Jeff Sessions Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Sally Yates Center for the National Interest (CNI) Global Partners in Diplomacy Donald Trump Petr Aven Gazprom Crocus Group or Crocus International Denis Klimentov Erik Prince Carter Page Global Energy Capital Concord Yevgeniy Prigozhin Sergey Yatsenko Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan Maria Zakharova Jeffrey Gordon Alfa-Bank {PAGENAME}
AppendixBPage12 ... Pericles Emerging Kremlin Rosneft Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) Prevezon Holdings Ltd. Internet Research Agency (IRA) Guccifer 2.0 Sergei Magnitsky London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP) Donald Trump Roscongress Foundation Link Campus University Richard Burt KLS Research LLC Opposition Bloc Russian Direct Investment Fund Viktor Yanukovych Petr Aven Party of Regions New Economic School in Moscow (NES) Paul Manafort Market Partners LLP Carter Page Peter Smith Hillary Clinton Concord LetterOne IC Expert Investment Company George Papadopoulos Joseph Mifsud {PAGENAME}


Recently Added Events

Event People involved Event date
Donald McGahn refuses to fire Robert Mueller ... Donald Trump Donald McGahn 2018-07-19
June 9th Trump Tower Meeting ... Donald Trump Jr Jared Kushner Paul Manafort Natalia Veselnitskaya 2016-06-19
Robert Mueller is appointed as Special Counsel ... Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller Jeff Sessions Donald Trump James Comey 2017-05-22

Recently Added Entities

Entity Type
Alan Futerfas Person
Alan Garten Person
Aleksandra Krylova Person
Alexander Bulatov Person
Alexander Van der Zwaan Person
Alexei Rasin Person
Alfa-Bank Organization
Anatoli Samochornov Person
Andrei Rozov Person
Andrej Krickovic Person


Recently Added Report Pages

Volume Page Number Page Name
0 -1 AppendixAPage-1
0 -1 AppendixBPage-1
0 -1 AppendixCPage-1
0 -1 AppendixDPage-1
0 0 AppendixAPage0
0 0 AppendixBPage0
0 0 AppendixCPage0
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