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Events involving Kremlin[edit]

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Mentions of Kremlin[edit]

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AppendixBPage5 former FSB deputy director. In January 2016, Michael Cohen emailed the Kremlin requesting to speak to Ivanov. President Trump's personal counsel
AppendixBPage6 candidate Trump to

Brother of Denis Klimentov who contacted Kremlin press secretary

Dmitri Peskov about Carter Page's
AppendixBPage12 Agency (IRA)|Internet Research

Agency]] (IRA)

KLS Research LLC



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Volume1Page79 U.S. President George W. Bush, and an "approach" he had received from "senior Kremlin officials" about the candidate. Foresman asked Graff
Volume1Page80 by the Office, Foresman denied that the specific "approach" from "senior Kremlin officials" noted in his March 31, 2016 email was anything other than Kobyakov's
Volume1Page98 past week in Europe and ha[ d] been in discussions

with some individuals with close ties to the Kremlin" who recognized that Trump could have a

"game-changing effect ... in bringing the
Volume1Page100 say that he is far from being the main

one. So I better not initiate a meeting in the Kremlin."565

On July 7, 2016, Page delivered the first of his two speeches in Moscow at[[New
Volume1Page102 5, 2016).

58& Michael Isikoff, US. Intel Officials Probe Ties Between Trump Adviser and Kremlin, Yahoo!

News (Sept. 23, 2016).


9 Michael Isikoff, US. Intel Officials Probe
Volume1Page112 Kramer & Sharon

LaFraniere, Lawyer Who Was Said to Have Dirt on Clinton Had Closer Ties to Kremlin than She Let On, New York Times (Apr. 27, 2018).


679 See Pub. L. No. 112-208
Volume1Page115 substantial work in Kyrgyzstan. See Neil

MacFarquhar, A Russian Developer Helps Out the Kremlin on Occasion. Was He a Conduit to Trump?, New York T imes (July 16, 2017).

Volume1Page131 for Deripaska in

2005 regarding the post-Soviet republics referenced the need to brief the Kremlin and the benefits

that the work could confer on "the Putin Government."844 [[Richard
Volume1Page135 Industry Makes Room for New Entrants, Kyiv Post (Mar. 7, 2019); Markian Kuzmowycz, How the Kremlin Can Win Ukraine's Elections, Atlantic Council (Nov. 19, 2018). The [[Opposition
Volume1Page146 is one of approximately 50 wealthy Russian businessmen who

regularly meet with Putin in the Kremlin; these 50 men are often referred to as "oligarchs."977

Aven told
Volume1Page164 Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

interest in establishing a communications channel between the Kremlin and the Trump Transition

Team. 1171 Aven asked for Burt's
Volume1Page172 (5:32 a.m.)).

1263 Statement of the President of the Russian Federation, Kremlin, Office of the President (Dec.

30, 2016 (7:15 a.m.)).

1264 @realDonaldTrump