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AppendixBPage9 of Justice

Prikhodko, Sergei

Prince, Erik

Raffel, Josh

Rasin, Alexei

Rogers, Michael

Volume2Page99 Priebus notified one

663 Hicks 3/13/18 302, at 1; Raffel 2/8/18 302, at 2.

664 RG000061 (6/3/16 Email, Goldstone to
Volume2Page100 About the June 9 Meeting Communications advisors Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel recalled discussing with Jared Kushner and [[Ivanka Trump|Ivanka
Volume2Page101 but the President did not think they would be leaked to the press.692 Raffel later heard from Hicks that the President had directed
Volume2Page103 Campaign, New

York Times (July 8, 2017).

713 Hicks 3/13/18 302, at 6; Raffel 2/8/18 302, at 9-10.

714 Hicks 12/7/17 302, at 12; Raffel