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AppendixBPage3 Page Number=403|Chapter=Appendix B|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

Conway, Kellyanne Counselor to President Trump and manager of the [[Trump Campaign|Trump
AppendixBPage5 Research Agency (IRA)|Ira]]kJi


Kaverzina, Irina

Kelly, John Khalilzad, Zalmay


Volume1Page34 Page Number=42|Chapter=Chapter II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

Trump,97 Kellyanne Conway,98 Brad Parscale,99 and Michael T. Flynn. 100 These posts
Volume1Page49 News (Aug. 25,

2016)(containing video of Assange interview by Megyn Kelly).

182 M. Raju & Z. Cohen, A GOP Congressman's Lonely Quest Defending
Volume1Page64 Page Number=72|Chapter=Chapter III|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

and Kellyanne Conway.280 The investigation established that Smith communicated with
Volume1Page111 Goldstone|Goldstone]]); TRUMPORG_l8_001022 (6/27/13 Email,

Graff to L. Kelly); TRUMPORG_18_001333 (9/12/13 Email, Goldstone

to Graff,
Volume1Page134 in

1982 when Trump hired the Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly lobbying firm. 875 Over the years,

Manafort saw Trump at political
Volume1Page152 Prince|Prince]] stated that, while he was at Trump Tower that day, he spoke with Kellyanne Conway, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin, and others while waiting
Volume2Page21 recalled that after she made that statement, she spoke with Campaign advisors Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Jason Miller, and probably Kushner
Volume2Page71 Sergey Lavrov of Russia"); SCR08_001274 (5/10/17 Email, Ciaramella to Kelly et al.). The meeting had been planned on May 2, 2017, during a telephone call between
Volume2Page91 meddling for future elections so that

nothing can happen in future elections.6 10

604 Kelly 8/2/18 302, at 7; Dearborn 6/20/18 302, at 1 (describing Lewandowski
Volume2Page109 Porter|Porter]] 12/6/17 Notes) (" 12:45pm With the President, Gen. Kelly, and Sessions (who I pulled in after the Cabinet meeting)"); SC_RRP000033
Volume2Page114 that the President spoke on the phone that day with Chief of Staff John Kelly and that the President said Kelly told him that [[Donald
Volume2Page115 also said that "COS" referred to matters he wanted to discuss with Chief of Staff Kelly, Porter 4/13/18 302, at 17, and Kelly took notes dated
Volume2Page116 with the President again, but Porter did recall telling Kelly

about his conversation with McGahn.808

The next day, on February