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Events involving Jeff Sessions[edit]

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2017-05-22 Robert Mueller is appointed as Special Counsel

Mentions of Jeff Sessions[edit]

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AppendixBPage3 deputy chief of staff for policy who previously

served as chief of staff to Senator Jeff Sessions.

Office of Director of National Intelligence official who recalled
AppendixBPage5 who interviewed Pres ident Trump on May 11, 2017.

Chief of staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Feb. 2017 - Oct. 2017).

President of the [[Russian International

Trump for his electoral victory on November 9, 2016 . Advisor to Senator Jeff Sessions who attended the September 2016

meeting between Sessions
AppendixBPage9 Sater|Sater]], Felix

Saunders, Paul J.

Sechin, Igor Sessions, Jefferson III (Jeff) Shoygu, Sergey

AppendixBPage11 with the U.S. Department of State and the

Republican National Convention. In 2016, Jeff Sessions and J .D.

Gordon delivered speeches at the event

that it was the end of his presidency, sought to have Attorney General Jefferson (Jeff) Sessions

unrecuse from the Russia investigation and to have the Special Counsel removed,
Volume1Page10 also did not establish that a meeting between Kislyak and Sessions in September 2016 at Sessions's Senate office included any
Volume1Page11 General for the Russia investigation following the recusal of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions on March 2, 2016-appointed the Special Counsel "to investigate Russian
Volume1Page12 before the Special Counsel's appointment into "allegations that [then-Attorney General

Jeff Sessions] made false statements to the United States Senate[,]" and confirmed the Special

Volume1Page40 Arizona-based AMS Panel also stored thousands of files containing keylogging sessions captured through X-Agent. These sessions were captured as[[Main
Volume1Page52 our Office. We determined that he breached the agreement by being untruthful in proffer sessions and before the grand jury. We have generally recounted his version of events
Volume1Page84 as a member of the foreign policy and national security advisory team chaired by Senator Jeff Sessions, describing Papadopoulos as "an oil and energy consultant"
Volume1Page85 Campaign|The Campaign]] held a meeting of the foreign policy advisory team with Senator Sessions and candidate Trump approximately one week later, on March 31, 2016, in Washington,
Volume1Page86 Trump and that these connections could help

arrange that meeting.437

Trump and Sessions both reacted to Papadopoulos's statement. [[George
Volume1Page103 a publication affiliated withCNI. Then-Senator Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Kislyak both attended the event and,