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Events involving Ivan Timofeev[edit]

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Mentions of Ivan Timofeev[edit]

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AppendixBPage5 Council|Russian International Affairs Council]] and former

Russian foreign minister. Ivan Timofeev told George Papadopoulos that

Ivanov advised on arranging
AppendixBPage10 Spicer|Spicer]], Sean

Stone, Roger

Tillerson, Rex

Timofeev, Ivan

Trump, Donald Jr.

Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka

[[Yuri Viktorovich
AppendixBPage13 It

is associated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its members include Ivan Timofeev, Dmitry Peskov, and Petr Aven.

Privately held
Volume1Page81 Mifsud]] and two Russian nationals: Olga Polonskaya and Ivan Timofeev. Papadopoulos later pleaded guilty, pursuant to
Volume1Page88 Mifsud introduced Papadopoulos over email to Ivan Timofeev, a member of the [[Russian International Affairs Council|Russian International
Volume1Page89 2016. On May 4, 2016, he forwarded to Lewandowski an email from Timofeev raising the possibility of a meeting in Moscow, asking Lewandowski
Volume1Page90 message I should send (or to ignore)."475

After several email and Skype exchanges with Timofeev,476 Papadopoulos sent one more

email to Lewandowski
Volume1Page94 to the top hierarchy in Russian politics."501 Papadopoulos asked Timofeev whether he had heard of Millian.502 Although Timofeev
Volume1Page192 with Joseph Mifsud, Olga Polonskaya, and Ivan Timofeev. With respect to timing, Papadopoulos acknowledged
Volume1Page193 failed to inform investigators that Mifsud had introduced him to Timofeev, the Russian national who Papadopoulos understood to