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Events involving Irakli Kaveladze[edit]

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Kasowitz, Marc

Katsyv, Denis Katsyv, Peter

Kaveladze,IrakJi (Ike)

Volume1Page67 of Aras Agalarov) andIrakli "Ike" Kaveladze represented the Crocus Group during negotiations,292
Volume1Page68 and no construction occurred.


295 OSC-KA V _00452 (12/23/13 Email, Trmnp Jr. to Kaveladze & E. Agalarov).

296 See, e.g., OSC-KAV _011 58 (Letter agreement signed
Volume1Page111 that the information that mi ht interest the Trum s involved Hillar Clinton


Kaveladze 11/16/17 302, at 5-6; 4/25/16 Email, Graff to Goldstone.
Volume1Page114 calls.690

Also on June 6, 2016, Aras Agalarov called Ike Kaveladze and asked him to attend a

meeting in New York with the Trump Organization.691

Act and had worked on the Prevezon litigation.716 Kaveladze and Anatoli Samochornov, a

7 11 Interview of Donald
Volume1Page117 and Kushner participated on the Trump side, while Kaveladze, Samochomov, Akhmetshin, and Goldstone
Volume1Page118 indicated that she could not trace the money once it entered the United States.729 Kaveladze similarly recalled that Trump Jr. asked what they have on Clinton,
Volume1Page120 A alarov


Jr.743 According to 744 and

Aras Agalarov asked Kaveladze to

report in after the meeting, but before Kaveladze could
Volume1Page121 transition team."752 According

to Goldstone, around January 2017, Kaveladze contacted him again to set up another meeting, but

Volume1Page122 that he did not want to perjure

764 OSC-KAV 01197 (7/11-12/17 Text Messages, Kaveladze & E. Agalarov);

765 Investigative Technique 766 Investigative Technique