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Events involving Edward Gistaro[edit]

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Mentions of Edward Gistaro[edit]

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AppendixBPage4 Dmitriev on a proposal for

reconciliation between the United States and Russia.

Gistaro, Edward

Glassner, Michael

Volume2Page55 made it clear that he would not get

involved with an ongoing FBI investigation.341 Edward Gistaro, another ODNI official, recalled

331 SC_AD_00210 (Donaldson 3/21/17 Notes);
Volume2Page56 staffer who had been

waiting for Coats outside the Oval Office talked to Gistaro a few minutes later and recalled Gistaro

reporting that Coats
Volume2Page57 Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency).

355 Gistaro 6/ 14/ 17 302, at I, 3; Pompeo 6/28/17 302, at 2-3.

356 [[Edward
Volume2Page82 and other personnel from his office.

Coats 6/14/17 302, at 1; Gistaro 6/14/17 302, at I; Culver 6/14/17 302, at I.

547 Ruddy 6/6/18