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AppendixBPage2 in the 2016 U.S.

presidential election.

Personal attorney to Don McGahn, White House Counsel.

Attorney in the White House Counsel's Office who attended
AppendixBPage3 Gerson.

Donaldson, Annie

Chief of staff to White House Counsel Donald McGahn (Jan.2017 - Dec. 2018).

Dvorkovich, Arkady

Dvoskin, Evgeney

AppendixBPage7 Andrew

McCord, Mary McFarland, Kathleen (K.T.) McGahn, Donald (Don) Medvedcv, Dmitry Melnik, Yuriy

Volume2Page3 Campaign]]. Tn early March, the President told White House Counsel Donald McGahn to stop Sessions from recusing. And after Sessions
Volume2Page4 Trump|President]] also twice called Corney directly, notwithstanding guidance from McGahn to avoid direct contacts with the Department of Justice. Corney had previously assured

Efforts to curtail the Special Counsel's investigation. Two days after directing McGahn

to have the Special Counsel removed, the President made another attempt
Volume2Page6 Department of Justice

have the Special Counsel removed in June 2017 and that McGahn had threatened to resign rather

than carry out the order. The President
Volume2Page15 officials; efforts to have the Attorney General

unrecuse; and conduct towards McGahn, Cohen, and other witnesses.

We summarize the evidence we found and
Volume2Page31 2017, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates contacted White House Counsel Donald McGahn and informed him that she needed to discuss a sensitive matter with
Volume2Page32 Page Number=244|Chapter=Chapter II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

instructed McGahn to work with Priebus and Bannon to look into the
Volume2Page33 Page Number=245|Chapter=Chapter II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

told McGahn that he believed it was unlikely that a prosecutor would pursue a Logan Act charge


Spicer 10/16/17 302, at 4. The President also told McGahn that he never said what Corney said he had.

McGahn 12/12/17 302,
Volume2Page36 a definitive recommendation to the President.190 Eisenberg and McGahn discussed that Eisenberg's review of the underlying information confirmed his
Volume2Page37 Based on the evidence of Flynn's contacts with Kislyak, McGahn and Priebus concluded that Flynn could not have forgotten the details
Volume2Page38 Office and

distributed to the White House communications team stated that McGahn had advised the

President that Flynn was unlikely to be prosecuted,