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Events involving Dmitry Klokov[edit]

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Mentions of Dmitry Klokov[edit]

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AppendixBPage3 Counsel's Office and legal counsel for the

National Security Council.

Ex-wife of Dmitry Klokov who emailed Ivanka Trump to introduce

AppendixBPage6 Number=406|Chapter=Appendix B|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

Klimentov, Dmitri

Klokov, Dmitry

Kobyakov, Anton

Krickovic, Andrej
Volume1Page72 had been signed, Lana Erchova emailed lvanka

Trump on behalf of Erchova's then-husband Dmitry Klokov, to offer Klokov' s assistance to the

[[Trump Campaign|Trump
Volume1Page73 the Office that, after receiving

this inquiry, he had conducted an internet search for Klokov's name and concluded (incorrectly)

that Klokov was a former Olympic
Volume1Page74 the investigation did not identify evidence that Cohen brought Klokov' s initial offer of assistance to the Campaign's attention or that