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Events involving Dana Boente[edit]

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Baranov, Andrey

Berkowitz, A vi

Boente, Dana

Bogacheva, Anna

Chairman of the board of Alfa-Bank

of the United States."). At the time ofSessions's recusal, Dana Boente, then the Acting Deputy Attorney

General and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern
Volume2Page52 they wanted Corney to provide

information about the ongoing FBI investigation.311 Dana Boente, who at that time was the Acting

Attorney General for the Russia investigation,
Volume2Page53 at 11) (testimony by FBI Director James

B. Corney); Corney 11/15/17 302, at 17; Boente 1/31/18 302, at 5 (confirming that the Department of Justice

authorized Corney's remarks).

At the President's urging, McGahn contacted Boente several times on March 21, 2017, to

seek Boente's assistance in having
Volume2Page55 of Justice

to intervene with Comey.331 McGahn recalled Boente telling him in calls that day that he did not

think it was sustainable for Corney
Volume2Page58 to get out that we weren't investigating hirn."366 After the call ended, Corney

called Boente and told him about the conversation, asked for guidance on how to respond, and said

Volume2Page59 speaking with the President, McGahn followed up with Boente to relay the President's understanding that the FBI could make a public
Volume2Page60 II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

appointment of a Special Counsel.380 Boente did not recall that aspect of his conversation with

McGahn, but
Volume2Page61 The

President sought to speak with Acting Attorney General Boente directly and told McGahn to

contact Boente to
Volume2Page75 him. The same day, the

President told advisors he wanted to call Dana Boente, then the Acting Attorney General for the

Russia investigation, to find out whether