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Events involving Chris Christie[edit]

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Caputo, Michael

Chaika, Yuri

Christie, Chris

Clapper, James

Chairman of the board of directors at
Volume2Page38 the President had lunch at the

White House with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.21 5 According to Christie, at one point

during the
Volume2Page39 II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

frustrated at times.222 Christie also told the President that he would never be able to get
Volume2Page47 investigation to the FBI's

broader Russia investigation and that he believed, as he told Christie, that terminating Flynn would

end "the whole Russia thing." Flynn's firing occurred
Volume2Page70 them to go out and defend him.455 The President also called Chris Christie and, according to Christie, said he was getting "killed"
Volume2Page87 followed through

with calling Rosenstein.598

Around the same time, Chris Christie recalled a telephone_call with the President in which

Volume2Page89 Counsel. Also during this time period, the President reached out to Christie to get his thoughts on firing the Special Counsel. This evidence shows that the
Volume2Page121 Trump|President]] that the President hoped Flynn was okay); Christie 2/13/19 302, at 3 (describing a phone conversation between Kushner