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Events involving Center for the National Interest (CNI)[edit]

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AppendixBPage2 Chris

Clapper, James

Chairman of the board of directors at the Center for the National Interest,

a U.S.-based think tank with operations in and connections to Russia.
AppendixBPage5 Jeff Sessions during foreign policy dinners put

together through the Center for the National Interest.

Russian-Ukrainian political consultant and long-time employee of
AppendixBPage11 supreme commander of the

United Arab Emirates (UAE) armed forces.

Alfa-Bank Center for the National Interest (CNI)


[[Crocus Group or Crocus International|Crocus
AppendixBPage14 Number=14|Appendix=B|PDF Page Number=414|Chapter=Appendix B|Page Text=

U.S. Department of JusticeCNI

Volume1Page103 are set forth

in Volume I, Section IV.B.6, infra.

4. Dimitri Simes and the Center for the National Interest

Members of the Trump Campaign interacted on several
Volume1Page104 has many contacts with current and former Russian government officials,598 as doesCNI collectively. AsCNI
Volume1Page105 meeting, Simes and

Kushner discussed the possibility ofCNI hosting a foreign policy speech by candidate Trump.611

Volume1Page106 a small event.620

Saunders decided who would attend by looking at the list ofCNI' s invitees to the speech itself and

then choosing a subset
Volume1Page107 go to the

airport. 634

c. Jeff Sessions's Post-Speech Interactions withCNI

In the wake of Sessions' s confirmation
Volume1Page108 In addition, Sessions asked Saunders ( ofCNI) to draft two memoranda not specific to Russia: one on
Volume1Page110 that he provided the same information at a small group meeting of foreign

policy experts thatCNI organized for Sessions.663

5. June
Volume1Page129 Kislyak.835

According to Sessions, the request came throughCNI and would have involved a meeting between

Volume1Page145 Ambassador's name, Kushner emailed Dimitri Simes ofCNI, whom he had consulted previously about Russia, see
Volume1Page159 this is the right guy ." 1130 After reaching out to a colleague of Simes atCNI, Vargas reported back to Kushner
Volume1Page164 with Aven. 1173

Burt, who is a member of the board ofCNI (discussed at Volume I, Section IV.A.4,

supra), 1174