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Events involving Barack Obama[edit]

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Mentions of Barack Obama[edit]

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AppendixCPage9 or representatives of the Russian government at the


b. Following the Obama Administration's imposition of sanctions on Russia iri

December 2016 ()"Russia
Volume1Page7 Rex Tillerson.

On December 29, 2016, then-President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for having

interfered in the election. Incoming National
Volume1Page34 ("RT @Pamela _Moore 13: Detroit residents speak out against

the failed policies of Obama, Hillary & democrats .... ").

104 @rea!DonaldTrump 9/19/17 (7 :33
Volume1Page54 cycle, Corsi gained

prominence for being a leading proponent of the allegation that Barack Obama was not born in the United

States. Corsi told the Office that [[Donald Trump|Donald
Volume1Page64 him as an "established author and writer from the right

on President Obama and Sec. Clinton."

Jerome Corsi






Volume1Page99 generally

featured high-profile speakers; for example, President Barack Obama delivered a commencement

address at the school in 2009. 551[[New Economic School
Volume1Page153 30-45 minutes. 1061

Prince described the eight years of the Obama Administration in negative terms, and stated that he was looking forward to a

new era
Volume1Page162 disappointment with U.S.-Russia relations under President Obama and hopes for improved relations with the incoming Administration. 11 57 According
Volume1Page167 resolution the following day.1209

There was speculation in the media that the Obama Administration would not oppose the resolution. 1210




Volume1Page168 was also the Transition Team member who spoke with the Russian government when

the Obama Administration imposed sanctions and other measures against Russia in response to

Volume1Page169 sanctions on nine Russian individuals and entities. 1222 On December 29, 2016, the Obama Administration also expelled 35 Russian government officials and closed two
Volume1Page172 of

sanctions because it could be perceived as getting in the way of the Obama Administration's foreign policy.1267

On December 31, 2016, Kislyak
Volume2Page14 description of an encounter can imply

consciousness of wrongdoing. See Al-Adahi v. Obama, 613 F.3d 1102, 1107 (D.C. Cir. 2010)

(noting the "well-settled principle that
Volume2Page22 they can to de legitimize

the outcome of the election?"64

On December 29, 2016, the Obama Administration announced that in response to Russian

cyber operations aimed at the

On December 29, 2016, as noted in Volume II, Section TT.A.4, supra, the Obama

Administration announced that it was imposing sanctions and other measures on several