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(Ted) Manafort, Paul Jr.

Mashburn, John

McCabe, Andrew

McCord, Mary McFarland, Kathleen (K.T.)


15, 2017).

134 Yates 8/15/17 302, at2-3; McCord 7/17/17 302, at3-4; McCabe 8/17/ 17 302, at 5 (DOJ officials

were "really freaked out about it").

135 [[Sally
Volume2Page35 (Statement for the Record of James B. Corney, former

Director of the FBI, at 4).

187 McCabe 8/17/17 302, at 9-10; Rybicki 11/21/ 18 302, at 3. After leaving the White

memorandum documenting the dinner to his senior leadership team, and McCabe confirmed that the

memorandum captured what Corney said on the telephone call immediately
Volume2Page37 about Flynn's contacts with Kislyak. 199 FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who provided the White House officials access to the information and was present
Volume2Page45 a version of"let this go" three times, and Corney

27 1 Rybicki 11/21/18 302, at 4; McCabe 8/17/17 302, at 13-14.

272 See Priebus I 0/13/17 302, at 18; [[Jeff

Committee, I 15th Cong. (Mar. 20, 2017).

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3 12 Boente
Volume2Page67 17302,at 13.

433 Hunt-000028-29 (Hunt 5/8/17 Notes).

434 McCabe 9/26/17 302, at 13; Rosenstein 5/23/17 302, at 2; see Gauhar-000059
Volume2Page69 General Jeff Sessions."449

That evening, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was summoned to meet with the

President at the White House.450
Volume2Page70 (Gauhar 5/16/17 Notes); Page Memorandum, at 3 (recording events of 5/16/ 17);

McCabe 9/26/17 302, at 14.

462 Rosenstein 5/23/17 302, at 4-5; Gauhar-000059
Volume2Page71 done.472

That same morning, on May 10, 2017, the President called McCabe.473 According to a

memorandum McCabe wrote following the call, the
Volume2Page72 for terminating Comey.475 The President also told McCabe that Corney should not have been permitted to travel back to Washington, D.C. on the
Volume2Page74 the action might

prolong the investigation. And the President chose McCabe to serve as interim director, even

495 Michael S. Schmidt, In a Private Dinner,
Volume2Page75 Page Number=287|Chapter=Chapter II|Page Text=

U.S. Department of Justice

though McCabe told the President he had worked "very closely" with Corney and was
Volume2Page76 s handling of the Clinton email investigation, and the President told McCabe he fired Corney for that reason. But the facts surrounding Corney's handling