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Events involving Anatoli Samochornov[edit]

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AppendixBPage9 Giorgi

Ruddy, Christopher Rybicki, James Samochornov, Anatoli

Sanders, [[Sarah Huckabee Sanders|Sarah
Volume1Page116 Holdings Ltd.|Prevezon]] litigation.716 Kaveladze and Anatoli Samochornov, a 7 11 Interview of Donald J Trump, Jr., Senate Judiciary
Volume1Page117 laundering

717 Kaveladze 11/16/17 302, at 7;

302, at 2, 4;

Samochornov 7 /13/17

subject matter of the Trump Tower meeting coming up at lunch.

Volume1Page118 11/14/ l 7 302, at 12-13;

733 Akhmetshin 11/14/17 302, at 12-13;


7/13/17 302, at 3. Trump Jr. confirmed this in a statement
Volume1Page119 Text=

U .S. Department of Justice

they call him to give him an excuse to leave.735 Samochornov recalled that Kushner departed the

meeting before it concluded;
Volume1Page122 say

about the June 9 meeting. Specifically, the organization that hired Samochornov- an anti

Magnitsky Act group controlled by [[Natalia
Volume1Page123 The individual who conveyed Veselnitskaya' s request to Samochornov stated that he did not expressly condition payment on following [[Natalia
Volume2Page99 Goldstone|Goldstone]]); @DonaldJTrumpJR 7/11/17 (l 1:01 a.m.

ET) Tweet.

666 Samochornov 7/12/17 302, at 4.

667 See Volume I, Section IV.A.5, supra (describing meeting